Balance, precision and unparalleled efficiency.

At Aura Labs, we believe digital products and software development are sensitive to cascading chains of reaction. In other words, the slightest defect can cause the entire structure to crumble. For us, it is crucial to consider efficiency, proper allocation of resources and best practices to ensure sustainable delivery. To provide top-tier development for our client partners, we have pioneered an internal sprint cycle to help us realize the full potential of our service repertoire.

Principle Sprint Cycles

We don’t just code, we optimise and iterate at all stages of a project. We combine agility and accuracy to yield leaping results in short engagements. Our evolving cycle allows us to work in a dynamic environment, adapting to change without losing integrity of the initial concept.


Blueprints & Strategies

Planning for success


Design & Engineering

Elevating the game


Deployment & Execution

Bringing it to the stage

In essence, the philosophy is to plan for unpredictability and ensure efficiency at all levels of operation. The principle sprints allow us to build incredible products while maintaining considerable versatility, from inception all the way to project launch and delivery.

Product Strategy

We help you conceptualise ideas, inspect the market, draw the blueprints, underline strategies and explain the implications of digital transformation.

Research and Strategies

We conduct extensive research to articulate pragmatic strategies and provide actionable insight.


Drawing the outline of a concept is an intricate task accompanied by a plethora of factors to consider. We use our experience and ingenuity to help you brainstorm and translate ideas into intelligible chapters.

Business Intelligence

Short discussion rounds and collaborative inspirations. We help discover radical approaches that may be unknown to you.

  1. Analysis

    We explore value propositions, product functions, intent and objectives to describe what your users want and what new concepts can be introduced. We evaluate budget, time to market and establish clear goals based on your expectations.

  2. Market planning

    We plan our creative tactics with your audience in mind. We investigate branding associations, user acquisition channels, market segmentation and more to ensure your product communicates with the right people.

  3. Competitive stage

    We study your competition extensively to create difference from a sea of indifference. We set the stage for your product to standout from the crowd.

Scope and Specification

We align your project requirements and underline the core functionalities for your product.


Your product needs an identity. We help define your project, prioritise key features which delight your target users and eliminate those that don’t.

Logical integrations

  1. Mitigate risks

    We plan ahead of time and identify issues proactively. We review project constraints and vulnerabilities at all stages of development to propose logical course of actions.

  2. External considerations

    The scope of a product is never static. We account for various factors, including data requirements, third party services, optimisation, API integrations and existing assets to offer a more comprehensive and efficient service.

Resource Preparations

All expeditions require a travel itinerary. We define priorities and establish clear milestones to guide us and our client partners through the journey.


Plan to deliver and iterate along the way. We keep everything organised with a systematic execution plan and intermediary targets to help us stay focused and nimble at all times.


We don’t keep secrets from you. We monitor progress and track our performance indicators to share learnings with you.

Latest Technologies

Most people stay on familiar grounds. We step beyond the line and create products that differentiates itself from the market.

Cutting Edge Systems

Spark innovation

New technologies inspire us to build better products. We constantly challenge ourselves to be inventive, experimental and learn with different perspectives. We have the responsibility to develop our craft and help you steer away from stagnant products.

Level the playing field

We help you define a position in the digital world and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. We use emerging technologies, including cloud computing to strengthen frameworks, promote stability and offer services anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Orchestration

Appropriate technologies

We do not blindly drown your product with the latest technologies. We discard redundancies and only include techniques appropriate for the budget and complexity of your project.


Build with the future in mind. We experiment with open architectures to account for post launch expansions and freedom of growth with modular additions.

Quality code

We follow the latest coding conventions and constantly refactor our work to deliver clean, semantic code with readable repositories and consistent boilerplates.

Resultant Leverage


We integrate the latest technologies to help our client’s gain a barrier to market shifts that renders dated software obsolete. With the potential benefits of greater performance and flexibility.

Market penetration

No one likes to use dated software and archaic interfaces. We follow the trendiest design and development movements to help you hook early adopters.

Stay relevant

We use emerging technologies to reimagine conventional products. Modernise your creatives to appeal to a wider and younger audience.

Lean Teams

Be at the heart of development. Collaborate directly with the team of designers and dev whiz who invigorate your product to life.


We believe exceptional products are built by exceptional teams. We assign a dedicated project manager and handpick a dream team straight from our talent pool.

On the same page

Software development is an ever changing landscape. It is crucial to have the entire team operating on common grounds. We spent countless hours learning from each other to master our craft.


We allow our teams to grow and operate freely, they are encouraged to take personal initiative. Expect our teams to hustle, we work like machines.

Multiple perspectives

Two minds are always greater than one. Our teams are encouraged to spark innovation and share insight with you.

Build with confidence

We solve complex problems with incremental steps. We establish swift feedback loops and address roadblocks with composure.

Adaptive and Nimble

Lightning fast reactions

We empower our teams with full autonomy to ensure fluency at all layers of the agency. We eliminate redundant hierarchy with a distributed decision-making process to let our teams to shine individually.


We value direct communications with our client partners; a wholesome experience that focus on collaboration over negotiations.

Bespoke Designs

We illustrate unique designs from scratch; stroke by stroke, line by line, by our best designers.

User Interface (UI)

Engaging an audience

The first impression of any product is paramount to its popularity. We carefully design products that tells a story, deliver a purpose and resonate with the user.

User Centric

We concentrate on user oriented approaches to deliver straightforward messages. We steer away from bloat to draw simplistic canvases bejeweled with rich creativity.

User Experience (UX)


We craft extraordinary products that directly communicates with the user. We utilise natural animations and comprehensive effects that conveys clarity and motion.

Learning curves

We minimise resistance to conversion with intuitive gestures and crisp controls. We plan and design onboarding experiences that feel habitual to the audience.


We carefully construct navigation flows within your product; with accurate reproduction of information and seamless transitions.


We capture opportunities and refine your product base on your target users. We help gather feedback and map your user’s desires, mood and frustration.

Translating Identity

Designing a stunning product is only half the story. We want to help our client partners establish a brand and build a following. We craft reusable design assets and content material to help our client’s rise above their competition.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly review and discover new possibilities for your product before we kick into gear. We create prototypes to facilitate a smooth transition between design and development.


Speed round

We draw on the empty canvas to exhibit the initial concepts and theme of the product. Wireframes act as a static demonstration to highlight the key visuals of the project.

Visual audit

Initial designs are malleable; we use the opportunity to facilitate various test hypothesis, suggest design iterations and make sure the visuals are spectacular.

Interactive prototypes

Animation and effects

We transform our beautiful designs into fluid pictures. Interactive prototypes allows you to experience simple features and help visualise the flow of the product.

Feature review

We don’t just stop here. We test an active prototype to reveal weaknesses and strategize for further feature enhancements.

Functional Prototypes

High fidelity

The ultimate proof of concept; functional prototypes offer a preliminary reflection of the completed product. Expect basic product structure, framework and operational features.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

The essential tool for market validation. Gather representative feedback from real-life trials. Adjust project strategies and extend venture possibilities.

Agile Development

We follow a dynamic philosophy that allows us to thrive with change and deliver under challenging time frames. We follow strict principles that focus on incremental adjustments and individual reflection along the way. Our persistence let us offer robust software development like no other.

Iterations and Assembly


We don’t just crash into challenges head-on; we are wired to adaptive planning and focus on crafting high quality products with efficiency. Each task is individually estimated and broken down into achievable steps.


We anticipate change and grind with the process. We are programmed for iterative execution. We construct shadows to backtrack, echo and rework specific components of your product. Completely transparent we don’t hide our changes.

Scrum of Scrums

Incredible speed

We break down and distribute deliverables even further. We enable our self-organizing teams to produce blocks of code more rapidly.


Personal initiative is highly encouraged in our agency. We love to track individual backlogs and reference burn downs. Progress visibility help us minimize churn and hit extremely tight deadlines.


In an ideal scenario, projects progress at a consistent pace without compromising flexibility, sustainability and focus. However, the road of software development is littered with speed bumps. To address potential slowdowns, we streamline modification processes to minimize delay, reduce miscommunications and accelerate complex alterations at late stages of delivery.

Tiered Testing

We test everything, all the time and at all stages of development. For us, every line of code is significant; there is no perfect code, we simply eliminate the superficial, never settle and question ourselves along the way.


We don’t just test for bugs and code issues. We analyse various usage scenarios with heat maps, navigation flows while under distinct environments to understand potential deficiencies of our work.

Quality Assurance


We stress test your product and provide release candidates that has underwent immense rigor. We ensure absolute stability before we go ahead with launch.

Quantitative and qualitative

We don’t just look at hard numbers and software bugs. We study feedback from human testers; we learn and adjust from qualitative user experiences to refine our work.

We don’t cut corners

We aim to deliver immaculate code. We work with you closely for problem resolution and user acceptance. We help conduct A/B testing and other research to ensure we deliver products that truly has an impact.

Automated Testing

Software for software

We don’t wait for problems to appear, we actively test our builds with scripted services including Selenium, Robot and Appium to ensure our code is intact.


Machine assisted testing helps replace repetitive and manual practices with high velocity; greatly boosting test coverage for a wide range of device types, models and accessories.

Delivery & Continuation

Releasing your product is a big moment for us. We work tirelessly to ensure everything is in order. We handle server implementations, application submissions, source code transfers, documentation and more.

The Launch

We establish on-going partnerships with our clients and continue to deliver beyond the launch.

Digital marketing

Propel your brand straight into the top charts and search results. We help our client partners gain commercial exposure and market attention with our extensive experience in influencer marketing, content delivery, App Store Optimisation (ASO) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Insight from data

We help integrate analytical technologies to capture more intrinsic value from your product. Use data tools to track user behaviour, consumer conversions, navigation heatmaps and more. We also help you formulate key performance indicators, visualise source funnels, attribution models and review market acquisitions.


No matter how well made the product is, adding oil to the gears is always necessary.

Dedicated manager

Your project manager knows the ins and outs of your project, he/she won’t be leaving you.

Comprehensive support

We cover stability monitoring, dependency upgrades, patches, compliances, critical bugfix and other responsibilities. So you don’t have to worry about anything digital.

Adaptations and Continuity

The launch of a product is not necessarily the end of the story. We are experts in product continuity and further developments.


All products and solutions require regular updates to stay on top of the market. We expedite improvements to further enhance your product and attract a wider audience.

Scope extensions

We do not resist radical changes beyond the launch. We can help you rewrite complete chapters of your product.

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