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App Development

Creating an app requires dedication and accuracy, it is an immense challenge for the unprepared. At Aura Labs, we believe successful apps originate from simple ideas, executed with authenticity and precision. We combine our market knowledge and expertise to develop apps that goes above and beyond market competition.

The App Ecosystem

Creating a great app is difficult, but building a universal cross platform app is a different type of challenge. We understand that Apps come in all shapes and forms; for us It is critical to develop versatile app products that adapts to change beyond a myriad of existing or future systems.

System Types

We specialise in native Mobile applications for iOS and Android; as well as cross platform hybrid solutions that extends to the web. Apart from mobile, we also have rich experience in developing Desktop apps for Windows and macOS; along with OTT services on Smart TV for tvOS, Tizen and beyond.

Input ergonomics

It is important to understand the difference of input for various system types. From touch gestures for mobile devices, to motion cursor and controller selection for smart TV; each mode requires a distinct approach to design and development.


We do not work with a fixed benchmark for app performance; it is always important to consider the lifecycle of hardware devices. We develop products that are suitable for different models, types, and make. We account for older devices, unorthodox displays and consider unreliable networks; we build products that are used and loved by the masses.


From building robust databases, middleware, to powerful management systems to help you control your product. We work with the latest frameworks and libraries available; from Angular, Laravel to Ionic, we have a constantly evolving toolkit to deliver the freshest and most functional apps for our clients.

Purpose and Approach

Careful research and planning goes a long way. We work with you closely to discover winning strategies for your business. From responsive accuracy, mobile security to user friendly designs; we craft products that accounts for the bigger picture. Here are some of the radical strategies we use to create incredible wholesome products that are unparalleled in delivery.

The App

Embrace simplicity

There is nothing more frustrating than using a clunky app with complicated features and puzzling controls. Using a great app is suppose to be effortless and to the point. To achieve this, we adopt a minimalistic formula to build intuitive gestures, smooth and straightforward navigations, along with a small but vibrant color palette.

Need for speed

Apps are built for burst consumption, we use visuals to hook the user’s attention, but it's the features and fluidity that makes them stay. We are experts in building clean, lightweight apps, that have minimal latency and fully optimised for performance.

Sweet the details

App development is not one-size-fits-all, We take the extra step to consider screen estate, gesture limitations and various user types to create better apps for our clients. We account for different button sizes, content layout, content triggers and screen orientation to polish the edges of your product.

Intended outcomes

We put great emphasis on how apps we built can help you and your business achieve more. We connect you to your users to drive traffic to information or to promote specific actions. We integrate monetize channels and leverage advertisements to help you convert for value.

Solving problems and building habits

Converting the user

Guiding wheels

It is critical for apps to convey meaning and guide new users effectively. The primary goal is to create an on-boarding process that feels innate and hearty. We help you design tutorials that teach by example and action rather than static instructions.

Eliminate distractions

Never overwhelm the user; treat your users well and they will do the same for you. We carefully design your app to only display the essentials, we eliminate distractions and retain the focus on the features to instill habit and recurring usage.

Build a recurring user base

Make it personal

We test, adapt and help you add a personal touch to your product. We implement smart targeting to help promote user individuality, timely engagements and re-vitalise lapsed users frequently.

Plan for interruptions

We live in a fast-pace world where everything is fighting for the user’s attention. We plan for these interruptions and make it easy for users to come and go. We deploy ethical and controllable notifications, convey urgency and bring the users back to your product.

Deep linking

An app will never be the sole product of a business. We create deep links for you to add advertisements, marketing content or linkage to social media and third party services. We build the layers necessary and bring the your product to another level.

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