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Internet of Things

To invoke new possibilities for you business, the understanding of data becomes critical. Data science facilitates the act of humanization, to liberate people and promote the efficient use of operations. From smart homes, smart buildings to smart cities; Internet of Things (IoT) is the impetus of creating a decentralised system in a centralised structure, a reverse paradigm of moving intelligence back to the edges of a network. The primary scope of IoT is to integrate solutions that bridge the rift between physical devices and software services.

Connecting Things

From ubiquitous commodities to embedded sensors in a hyper connected world. IoT allows your business to measure, collect and analyse an ever-increasing variety of behavioural and environmental data.

Sensors and Actuators

We build software for products that live on the edge of an IoT network. From sustained wireless pairing, device firmwares to solutions that regulate on-board efficiency. We help businesses integrate intelligent hardware nodes and sensors to capture data; implement smart actuators to receive command and execute action.

Digital Protocols

Protocols are the neuronic linkage of the modern internet. We have rich experience in working with digital communication protocols including, NFC, WiFi, bluetooth, iBeacon, geofencing and many others. Our responsibility is to help businesses connect each node in a network with the most appropriate methods available.

People and Processes

People, not technology, are the most important piece in the IoT puzzle. Humans are the commanders of a network, we control things and share information with across the world. We specialise in building services to help your business facilitate execution, process information and interpret data. We connect people to things and connect things to the internet.

The Shift to Data Technologies

As the world becomes progressively more interconnected, there will always be an abundance of data. It is true that raw numbers does not translate directly into significance; but correctly processed data has the potential of being extremely valuable. Our responsibility is to help digital adopters thread the needle in data technology and achieve what others can’t.

Collecting Data

Data comes in different forms and complexity. With IoT, we let digital devices do the heavy lifting. From storing vast amounts of accurate data rapidly, to joining disparate information from various sensors and actuators. We build the infrastructures to aggregate insight and surface meaningful data sets.

Quantifying Physical

We morph physical practices into digital mechanisms and create services to collect, store, analyse and interpret data. From environmental changes to user input and machinery output. We migrate existing systems and sharpen organisation to help bour business interpret the sleepless digital world.

Data Science

We create tools backed by data science to help your business determine what is important and eliminate fruitless information.

  1. Quantitative Techniques

    The data sphere contains a myriad of components and metrics. From data streams, agents to event processing; we devise algorithms, statistical models and targeted probability to help your business converge intelligence, and make sense of big data.

  2. Bridging qualitative and algorithmic analysis

    We use empirical data analytics to convert raw numbers into readable relationships. However, data statistics only constitutes part of the story. To deliver real, representative insight; we help you combine quantitative data sets with qualitative research.

  3. Decision Making

    Leverage data to complement human ingenuity; we let you filter the non-essentials, validate ideas and make better decisions for your business. We build the tools to help you evaluate business alternatives and make ideal adjustments for existing issues.

  4. Applications of Data

    Data have the potential to shift the way we interact with our surroundings. From semantic processing of text and voice, to the introduction of chatbots, all the way to device manipulation and drawing data directly from the environment. The possibility and application of data is boundless. With proper research, we can help your business identify and realise the benefits of managing data.

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