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To match teacher, tutors with students appropriately has always been a challenge in the tutoring industry. A good student-teacher relationship can greatly enhance a student’s learning progression. On the contrary, poor student-teacher relationship reduces a student’s interest in his studies. However, under the modern educational system, there has always been a mismatch between tutors and students. Many students choose their teachers by word of mouth or peer recommendations. However, this may not result in an appropriate match of teaching style and student progression. In search for a product to solve this issue, our client seeks to develop an open, accurate and efficient platform for students to find the most suitable tutor.


Building a Matching AI to find the most suitable tutor for each student

3 Mentors is built with a proprietary matching system that uses data to match students with appropriate tutors. Variables the system can account includes: student education levels, modes of studies, location, educational system; as well as, tutor background, peer reviews, location and many other variables. The system can calculate the degree of suitability between the teachers and the students based on information input by each party. Once matched, the students can chat instantly with the tutor via 3 Mentors in order to understand more about the intended outcome of the lessons. Both party can agree to complete a transaction through the application, with the tutor confirming lesson dates and number of session. Students, can freely use the app to track dates, schedules, as well as ask questions through the app. The platform facilitates communication between students and teachers so that the student can achieve best learning outcome.

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  • Client:3 Mentors Ltd.
  • Year:2016
  • Services:App Development

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