Custom E-commerce website and dedicated management

@tention is a third-party transhipment and cross border reseller in Hong Kong, the company offers one-stop international online shopping and direct delivery. The core business includes global transhipment services, cross border e-commerce and logistics management. In 2016, @ttention began exploring radical changes to meet shifting market demands, the company underwent active expansion of product coverage to China, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, United States, Britain and Germany. With new service presence, @ttention has grown to be a leading e-distribution service in Hong Kong. As @ttention continues to grow, their existing digital service, including web store and management systems gradually become obsolete. To address this, @ttention worked with us to develop a bespoke E-commerce website and a dedicated CMS to account for current and future demands.

We designed and built Beauti360; Hong Kong’s first and only mobile beauty directory. The product is packed with features, an all-in-one system for everything beauty related; from the latest news, product search to online purchases, you can do everything straight from your mobile. Beauti360 is powered by the Ionic framework, a cross platform application with a comprehensive content management system to deliver seamless manageability for beauti marketers. At its core, the app aims to provide an unparalleled mobile experience for beauty-goers in Hong Kong with an integrated social community, blogging support and streamlined payment. As well as building a platform to deliver professional reviews, building trust and improve transparency in the beauty industry.


Thousands of merchandises, dynamic delivery methods, serving from over 5 countries

The all new @ttention website provides an e-shopping experience for consumers to order and purchase products from over 10 foreign countries. As a transhipment agency in Hong Kong, @ttention handles thousands of logistics items each month. Buyers can simply browse online, select the right product and pay within a single sitting. All shipment, import issues and other problems can be handled by an integrated automation system straight from the website. As one of the trusted buying agent in the local market, customers can simply sit back and wait for their recent purchase to arrive. To maintain the trust that @ttention has built for their customers. We built a digital shop front that feels intuitive, easy to use, but also filled with all the necessary features for consumers to navigate and select.

Besides the core transhipment operations, @ttention has the idea to build a public social trade space for their users to buy, sell and trade products within their ecosystem. The concept is to build an online community of buyers and sellers, a place to auction, broker and sell products from around the world. To address this, we built a digital marketplace right into the new website. Along with incredible social links and marketing capabilities, the marketplace facilitates trading amongst users by streamlining transactions and payment for everyone.


Streamlined E-commerce, complete control with a dedicated management system

Our involvement in the complete restructure of @ttention’s online presence has proven to be an incredible delivery. We not only expanded the e-commerce capabilities for our client; we also manage to implement membership, extend market reach, and elevate business capabilities for @ttention across the board. Beyond the surface, the solution we have built also houses a dedicated CMS for creating new product pages, greatly improving efficiency and productivity of inventory management. The internal system is used to streamline processing of hundreds of payments daily, organisation of users and allowing managers to take control of all the parts of the business through an online portal.

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