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A complete solution for dynamic Events

Cartier Hong Kong, the local partner of the world-renowned French luxury brand seeks to change the playing field and embellish the release of a new mechanical watch line. The concept was to create something different, a special event that leverages digital interactivity to provide a personal touch to guest engagement. To carry out this monumental task, Cartier became the prime adopter of our revolutionary event solution, Aura Event.

Aura Event is an event management solution created for agencies and brands alike; our end to end solution helps our clients run impressive events, product launches, corporate announcements and more. Aura Event offers unparalleled efficiency and extensive customisation, ideal for events of all scale and attendance size. Integrate Event to run, manage and follow-up invitations and access data analytics. Focus on dazzling your customers and Event will handle registration and check-ins from behind the scenes.


Incredible experience, web and app in one solution

Aura Event can be moulded to fit client’s needs, we helped Cartier tailor the solution to satisfy all their requirements. We embedded event registration across multiple sources and captured guests, clients from social media to websites and email.

  • Bespoke- Tailored registration and system designs to enhance your event campaign, custom built to fit your creative and visual needs
  • Minimise delay - Generate unique QR codes for your guest, simply scan to confirm entry; eliminate all issues with guest attendance
  • Automate - Streamlined registration and delivery of tickets, codes, confirmation letters and invoices to your guests. Passively track and collect data without disruptions
  • Engage - Automated notifications for your guests prior to the event; remind attendance, build anticipation and create lasting impressions
  • Test marketing channels - Event offers integrated A/B testing for your registration; understand your impressions, improve your future campaigns and conversions
  • Dedicated Online payment - Allow your guest and clients to pay online and confirm for event attendance seamlessly

EasyPASS Mobile App:

The EasyPASS app for event staff, offers disruption free admission for guests. Staff can simply scan QR codes and confirm guest for seamless entry, offering a superior experience for attendees. Your staff can effortlessly identify VIP guests and provide a special touch to all engagements.

  • Light and mobile - Use the EasyPASS app on mobile devices to scan QR codes for guest entry; set up multiple devices, no extra hardware required
  • Swift - Scan everywhere and anywhere; lightning fast entry, no queues, no compromises
  • Real-time - Gain crucial guest information after scanning; address and manage attendees immediately
  • Individualize - Personalise engagement with guest details; including name, VIP status, responsible staff etc. Individualize attendance, create better impressions

Post Event Management and Analytics:

Management at your fingertips, admin dashboard for real-time event statistics, support and react to your event attendance. We helped Cartier take advantage of data analytics and post event management features. We let them understand event demographics with ease; to help them make better decisions and create better events in the future

  • Manage - Control guest information, including change of time slot, VIP status; micro manage follow ups for guests, assign staff and responsible teams to specific clients, provide a personal touch to service
  • Source - Learn from your registration funnels, identify channels of entry, adjust your target market and create better events
  • Real-time Monitoring - Understand all aspects of your event in real time with guest statistics and traffic data. Learn from the integrated data dashboard to understand attendance and engagement
  • Evaluate - Gain post event insight with guest statistics; measure success, learn attendance ratio, age groups, guest occupations and more
  • Capture Value - Create better engagement opportunities; customise and create follow-up events for your market group
  • Newsletter - Let Aura Event strengthen your brand identity, create lasting impressions with our integrated newsletter function. Improve awareness with quality follow-up articles to assist recurring marketing, user engagement and boost client retention


Event Hosting Re-invented

Cartier is one of the prime cases for our powerful Aura Event solution. In conjunction with the Event solution, we created an interactive wall to showcase new Cartier product for guest. The goal is to help visualise a digital playing field by creating a dynamic and flexible event solution to impress attendees from the start. With the help of Aura Event, Cartier held an incredible event in Hong Kong with over 200 guests, spread across 5 attendee types and over 30 staff working simultaneously.

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