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Cartier HQAdmin


Cartier HQAdmin

A backend system to help Cartier transform to digital management

The Cartier HQAdmin project is developed based on our proprietary ERP solution, Spectrum. The solution focus on delivering the right information and control to the right user at the right time while allowing management to view all actions within the ecosystem at a glance. Our solution stack is also modular and flexible, with an extendable base that can be targetly developed to address specific needs of our clients. The Cartier management system, HQAdmin is one of our first Spectrum integrations; the main goal is to provide a platform to track and facilitate action between management, employee, products and customers.


A unified platform to control product information across multiple locations in real-time

The final product is an Innovative software stack that leverages cross platform integrations to deliver a precise solution for Cartier. The solution offers unparalleled practicality by targeting and reinforcing critical processes to realise maximum efficiency. Learn how we help Cartier, Identify operational weaknesses, create new strategies, realize opportunities and transform data into actionable insight.


  1. Consumer Management
    • Manage, monitor and control client reservations, orders, track status, payment confirmation, provide notifications and manage cancellations and returns
    • Streamlined management of daily or weekly reservations, facilitate follow-up communications with ease
    • Archive and analyse consumer data to determine performance and identify sales trends and branch performances
  2. Package and Product Management
    • Create custom service and product combinations. Flexible settings for service information, item types, validity, purchase conditions and more
    • Manage product portfolio across regional websites and retail locations and modify packages based on combinations of service and products
    • Integrated system for coupons, loyalty programmes and other rewards schemes. Flexible configurations, including threshold purchases, innate requirements, promotion dates, recommender and others related options
    • Product and event sharing with built-in notifications via mobile
    • Built-in Rewards Module for service and product redemptions; smart management for loyalty points, easily extend or remove items from redemption
    • Manage Retail and Sales Stack; including packages, promotions, stock and inventory etc.
  3. Membership Management
    • Real time management and control of customer items, purchases and reservations
    • Record and log recommender, and recommended packages and products
    • Entry for client information, query from database and sharing of client information with retail points and end nodes (e.g. beautician mobile device)
    • Management and operations for members and clients - customise settings for different terms and conditions, policy, automated upgrades and management of user membership class
  4. System & Data Management
    • Real-time and historic reporting for all statistical metric of operations; from sales, inventory changes, beautician schedules, to calls received. Complete visibility
    • Freely assign access and permissions to different employees and workers, manage authorisation and decryption to confidential information
    • Extendable employee management system, with sign-ins, work logs, performance metrics, incentives and remuneration; easily assign employees to clients


Advanced backend technologies for a leading retail company

Utilizing Spectrum as the powering engine, our company developed an advanced ERP, CRM system for Cartier. We worked closely with our client to gear our existing stack towards their management requirements. The resultant solution not only improves operational efficiencies, it also helps reduce risk and churn. The product also provided secondary benefits for Cartier including promoted retention, better brand awareness, as well as enhanced external communication to improve client satisfaction. The solution also helps our clients internally with improved employee and asset management, better control of products and promoted workforce knowledge.

  • Client:Cartier
  • Year:2016
  • Services:Web Development, App Development

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