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ChitTat Electrical Engineering


ChitTat Electrical Engineering

Leveraging digital, an advanced management and ERP solution

Chit-Tat Construction is a local electric engineering firm, primarily focused on the installation and maintenance of electrical devices; including air conditioning, ventilation systems, water and drainage systems and so on. The company has delivered projects for leading property developers in Hong Kong including Sun Hung Kai Properties, Henderson Land Development, New World Development, Wheelock and Company and others. Chit-Tat Construction consulted us to develop a customer ERP solution for them. The goal of the solution is to leverages mobile and backend technologies to streamline physical to digital transformation of the business. The Chit-Tat project leverages our proprietary ERP product, Spectrum, to achieve more than what market competition can provide.


The leading enterprise solution for engineering and construction, building trust between employer and workers

The fundamental concept behind Spectrum is to break process rigidity, distinguish underutilized assets and restore fluidity to business activities. The platform allows Chit-Tat to do the following:

  • Help management to leverage mobile devices and software tools to control and manage business activities; from leave approvals to punctuality checks
  • Enhance communications between workers and management; establish trust and reduce turnover
  • Take advantage of advanced remuneration calculators, automate financial and remuneration processes
  • Dedicated lightweight mobile application, suitable for low end mobile devices. Workforce can simply install and configure with ease


  1. Digital Time Cards and Punctuality Tracking
    • Minimal hardware dependance; no fingerprint scanners or old fashioned time punchers required. Eliminate physical delay, no more queues.
    • Locational based system with integrated bluetooth and GPS possibilities
    • Track employee punctuality; accurately records time and location of each worker
    • Multiple levels of verification; by proximity to worksite, SIM and facial recognition
    • Flexible integration for multiple worksites, worker groups and SIM numbers
  2. Employee Leave System
    • Employees and workers can apply for leave effortlessly within the dedicated app
    • Intuitive confirmation and approval by management and HR
    • Remotely monitor worker arrivals, leave status and more
  3. Construction & Engineering Management
    • Real time visibility construction, prefabrication and other building processes
    • Quality assurance management for construction and procurement
    • Logistics, distribution and supply chain management
    • Manage end-to-end inventory for inbound and outbound logistics
  4. Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Minimize management costs and take advantage of the payroll modules. Leverage better incentive and compensation management. Built-in integration flexible and comprehensive management of human capital management
    • Real time tracking of employee activity, swift search for all worker information
    • Work permit and certification management
    • Exports reports, reporting working hours, outdoor work tracking, mobile job management
    • Broadcast the latest news and information to the workforce through the mobile app
    • Data exclusivity and access options; according to user and authorisation class. Provide management with the tools to access data privately
  5. Automated Remuneration System
    • Advanced calculations for employee salary and earnings; with built-in mobile based confirmation, signature and reporting for easy management
    • Bonus & Incentive management - daily or monthly wage options, includes overtime, night and holiday shift calculations
    • Third party Integrations - data import and export with comprehensive cost estimations. Gain access to subcontracts; initial and revised totals, pending and approved changes with compatibility with much more


A complete digital transformation for the company

The solution was seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing software stack without disrupting regular operations. The project also leverages a wide range of technologies including, Beacon recognition, GPS confirmation, and mobile application to minimise hardware dependance and eliminate human errors. With all the technology, the product has the following advantages over competition;

  • Universal Core - multidisciplinary; our solution facilitate better operations and processes; from production planning, HR management to logistics, It can handle it all
  • Real-time - Eliminate delays and take advantage of real-time orchestrations with unmatched reliability
  • Transparency - No limits to visibility; monitor all aspects of your operations. From physical assets, inventory, materials, to employee performance and countless other metrics
  • Modular – we create extensions to address your business processes and requirements; there are no structure restrictions to our software
  • Scalability – Designed to work with operations of all sizes. From simple to large governmental contracts; our software can scale according to the project conditions

Ultimately, the delivered product became an Award winning solution, granted by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation. The solution was recognised as a revolutionary way for construction companies to leverage digital solutions to optimize operations.

  • Client:ChitTat Electrical Engineering
  • Year:2016
  • Services:Web Development, App Development

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