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Grace between hardware and software, an API, Backend solution to appreciate art in a modern way

CoBo is Asia’s first community platform for collectors to connect and share contemporary art, design, fine wine and other artistry collections. The platform, available online and offline, is the leading influencer in appreciating and promoting education of the fine collectable arts. Cobo focus on strong editorial content, video salons, market surveys, international conferences and partnered events dedicated to topics relating to the collectables. As a growing community, CoBo is a pioneer in adopting technology to reach their goals. To enhance the platform experience for their conference and partnered events, CoBo looked towards mobile applications and bluetooth technologies. We were approached as a secondary contractor to develop and deliver a backend solution for them.


The backend, website and beacons; how we promote synergy

The CoBo Social ecosystem is based on a mobile application (on both iOS and Android), a website for collectors and a management portal. With the CoBo Social app, everyone could be a collector on the CoBo Social network. Individuals can simply join and share their own collectibles with anyone. As an ecosystem, CoBo goes beyond the digital medium and regularly uses state-of-the-art technologies to set themselves apart from other collectable networks. In all CoBo’s exclusive and private events, the digital stack synergizes with hardware to make the experience more unique and lavish. Our goal was to create a backend system to handle interactions between the app, websites, bluetooth beacons and countless items on display at each event. The core project involves the entire backend system for the mobile application and the exhibition component of the CoBo Social website. Another function of the solution we developed is a bluetooth beacon powered, LBS system that connect users to an archive of information about collectibles. Attendees simply walk close to any piece of collectable at any event, initiate the CoBo social app, and they can freely learn the background, explore the history and view related pieces all on their mobile.


Building something special for consumer and viewer interaction

Our involvement with CoBo, saw us leverage backend technologies and bluetooth adaptation to provide digital interaction to compliment an extensive digital ecosystem. The line of work assigned to us includes, the further development of backend, web and bluetooth integrations. Maintenance and updates of the software and hardware combination stack. The completed product was used by the CoBo company with no major issues and with minimal upkeep and training. What we provided is a consistent and reliable medium solution that seamlessly provide the best experience to all users online and offline.

  • Client:CoBo Social
  • Year:2016
  • Services:Web Development, App Development

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