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Cody Out of Home

Digital transformation of one of the leading taxi marketing agencies in Hong Kong

Cody Out of Home is a leading public listed media company based in Australia with a broad and diverse portfolio of multimedia assets across Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Cody Hong Kong specialise in offering advert space on Taxis, often in form of vinyl decals or decorations on the roof of the vehicle. As the fleet of contract Taxis continue to grow. The company started searching for digital solutions to fulfill orders instead of manual means. However, they were unable to find a suitable product. To address the issue, Cody approached us to to create a system to facilitate the rotation of media distribution within a network of contracted Taxis.


An internal system to distribution orders and confirm fulfilment with ease

The entire solution is developed into three internally used mobile application. The three apps serve different roles, and is used by different agents/users of the company. The Representative Agent version, allows Cody marketers to assign orders for drivers and owners to accept through the client version. The orders can also be placed into a pool for individual to uptakes and fulfill. The Client edition also allow the partnered Taxi drivers and owners to receive order notifications assigned from representatives. The driver, owners simply accepts the order and carry out the necessary changes to fulfil the advertisement within the allot time and duration. Ranging from changing the body banners to adding marketing gimmicks to the top of the vehicle. The orders are fulfilled and completed with a simple photo of the completed works. The photo is then confirmed by the assigned Cody operator. Finally, the Operator version, allows the management to control advertising flow and upload image records once the advertising is completed.


Leveraging digital to manage something impossible for physical operations

The solution replaced manual processes and allowed Cody to continue their growth on contracted taxis. A complete digital ecosystem has been built from the ground up to address the needs of the client; offering multiple client facing applications that serves different users. The main challenge of the project lies in the integration and synergy of the three mobile applications. In order to promote a smooth transition for the company, we worked closely with the client to deliver a solution that can be used by anyone. With minimal training, experience and help from included tutorials; the ecosystem has been rapidly adopted and used staff, marketers and taxi owners.

  • Client:Cody Outdoor International (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Year:2016
  • Services:App Development

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