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DBS Branch Aura Q


DBS Branch Aura Q

An advanced client queuing solution for DBS Banking Hong Kong

Queuing for service has been a recurring concern for retail establishments; with over 89% of consumers choosing to leave a shop due to excessive waiting. To address the underlying issue, we developed a revolutionary queuing solution, Aura Q, that combines digital signage with direct visitor engagement by leveraging products from BrightSign. BrightSign is a global market leader in digital signage players. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, BrightSign manufactures media players, that provides exceptional software and networking solutions for commercial digital signage, serving all vertical segments from retail businesses to government institutions worldwide.

Aura Q for DBS is one of the more advanced and comprehensive application of the product to date. The completed solution offers unparalleled efficiency for the banks day-to-day operations; bringing new dimension to the queuing experience with added flexibility and effectiveness. The solution we have developed has one objective in mind, to elevate service quality, to reduce wait times significantly and to manage everything under one platform for all DBS branches in Hong Kong.


A flexible and dynamic queuing system leveraging cloud technologies

Before our involvement, visitors and clients have to wait in line to gain access to bank services. With Aura Q, DBS can address this restriction by issuing queue numbers through a ticket kiosk, display service numbers on screens around the relevant sector and to call clients for service through a teller application. The solution is structured with incredible scalability, allowing it to expand to multiple locations and queue types.

DBS Queuing Kiosk

The Queue ticketing kiosk at DBS is a simple touch display with an integrated thermal printer. The kiosk is the first touchpoint for clients and visitors; the system issues a queue ticket for visitors after a designated service is selected, it also shows basic information such as estimate queue times. The ticket kiosk is built with 2 language packs and can be switched in real-time by the user. There are also built-in hidden features that can only be operated by internal staff to assist VIP clients. The user can also opt-in for SMS notifications, where a simple text message will alert the client when there are less than 5 queue numbers left before theirs. The kiosk is connected with the DBS dedicated system to manage service parameters, queues, including SMS notification threshold and more.

DBS Q-Teller App

The DBS Q-Teller App is a dedicated mobile application developed for branch staffs at DBS. The core functionality of the Teller app is to manage and organise the different queue systems at each branch. It allows staff to provide service through calling numbers, recording service time, re-call queue numbers, re-set queues, mark numbers as no show, or put clients on hold while they complete documentation or other delays. The teller app also provides queue times and wait times tracking to help accelerate service or help customers that have been waiting in line. Alternatively, the Teller app also tracks service speeds, fulfillment numbers and more; allowing management to gain valuable insight into service at each branch and by each employee. In sum, the teller app allows DBS to better manage customer queues and improve flow by reshaping interactions and eliminating irregularities from free queuing.

DBS Aura Q Backend Platform

The system backend facilitates the teller apps and kiosks to work with speakers and common area displays around the branch. When a number is called, an audio sequence will play and the calling number will be displayed on screen. The backend platform can also be used to manage which speakers or displays are responsible for which queue types and calling mode. The system can also help staff set warnings for excessive queue times, alerting staff for VIP. Besides connectivity, the backend platform is also used for user management, assigning admin levels and authorisation for teller apps according to branch. Furthermore, the solution for DBS also has built-in data analytics and reporting, which connects and aggregates data from multiple branches. The system allows management to monitor and gain in-depth insight regarding the service at each branch down to a micro level of detail. The system is also built with extensibility in-mind. With 3rd party integrations, including DBS dedicated app and remote queuing can be added easily at a further stage of development.

DBS Solution Network Redundancies

The queuing solution for DBS is also built with enterprise grade redundancies to ensure service and operations can continue even when the network is unreliable or disconnected. Our approach is to leverage cloud technologies to provide a unified, secure platform to manage and monitor queues in all DBS branches. The dedicated cloud operates automatically with backup performed regularly. Even when connection is interrupted, the system will automatically synchronise with the cloud when network is restored.


A state-of-the-art solution that improves service quality and efficiency at DBS

Aura Q for DBS is one of largest application of the product; the system span multiple branches, floors, queue types and management levels. The solution combines to offer seamless queuing for visitors and client anywhere at each location. For DBS, the solution helps to maximize service efficiency; from reducing queue times and serving more customers to impressing customers with effective usage of technology. The system at DBS leverages the flexibility of signage and digital transformation to convert repetitive tasks into intuitive digital operations.

For more information on how we can adopt Aura Q for your business, pleasecontact us or visit Aura Q webpage

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  • Year:2018
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