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Building for a regional leader in tourism

Gray Line Tours of Hong Kong Limited, the sole operator of the Gray Line Tours brand name in Hong Kong has been in the local travel industry since 1959. For the past six decades, Gray Line HK has been providing quality and professional travel-related services to tourists from around the world. To meet the changing market trends and demands; In 2016, we collaborated with Gray Line Tours of HK Limited to revamp their website and internal enterprise systems. We built an advance E-commerce website with B2B and B2C capabilities from the ground up. Our work is aimed at transforming manual processes into a completely digital structure; with automated transactions, emails and digital support for both consumers and business stakeholders of Gray Line Hong Kong.


Expanding online capacity to e-commerce and beyond

The entire project consists of two major components, the top-level e-commerce storefront and the back-end enterprise resource planning system; the two components combined to provide a total solution for sales, internal management, client support, and many other operations for Gray Line Tours Hong Kong. The greatest changes lie in the backend system we have developed. The new backend consists of six core modules, which are seamlessly woven into existing solutions. They are: employee management, package and product management, external agency management, coupon management, bookings management, and accounting management. The modules are built to reduce the reliance on physical maintenance and to replace the repeated processes with automated digital solutions.

At the frontend e-commerce portion of the project are 2 websites catered to different market segments; one for direct customers and another for external agencies. The all new Gray Line HK E-commerce website is managed with a dedicated CMS with a magnitude of features. The website is designed to be flexible and highly customised for ensuring seamless client experience; from selecting different tours for transaction, payment, to the management systems that allow Gray Line staff to control calendar, block dates, coupon codes, booking history and more. On the other hand, external agencies can now leverage the new agent dedicated website to manage products, sales history, status, monthly bills, receipts, and more from within the Gray Line Tours ecosystem. This greatly reduces management time and effort for resellers of Gray Line products. Beyond the websites, we have also built a plethora of data points to capture and acquire information from all facets of the websites. Accompanied by detailed data archives for all transactions and actions completed from within the ecosystem.

The new Gray Line Tour digital system, improves on a lot of the existing issues encountered by the company. From adapting new digital management technologies to help the company reduce dependence on human resources, to the more efficient e-commerce website for purchase fulfilment by direct customers. The project with Gray Line Tours has delivered an effective solution to enables multi-variable business models and further growth stability.


Adapting digital methods for the tourism industry

The newly developed digital system for Gray Line Tours is a prime example of a valuable digital transformation for conventional tourism businesses. The project has showcased the capabilities of software solutions to tackle operational efficiency, and allow greater flexibility at all stages of service. As a management powerhouse, the new Gray Line Tours ecosystem houses an all-encompassing backend that allows multiple users, clients, agents to leverage the solution simultaneously. As a whole, the new solution has allowed Gray Line Tours Hong Kong to realize greater growth opportunities and capture valuable insight in a robust digital solution deployed seamlessly into their well-established corporate structure.

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