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Kerry Hotel Dynamic Event Signage


Kerry Hotel Dynamic Event Signage

Intuitive solution for event signage at Kerry Hotel Hong Kong

Kerry Hotel, located at Hung Hom Bay Hong Kong, is an urban lifestyle resort offering guests with unique dining concepts, extraordinary spaces and spectacular harbour views. The first Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong boasts the largest hotel meeting, event and catering facilities in the city. With the new Whampoa MTR Station on its doorstep, Kerry hotel is seamlessly connected to the rest of Hong Kong via public transport and other hotel transport services. In order to effectively manage their event facilities and cater to the increasing demands of guests. Kerry Hotel approached us to implement an event signage solution to address the underlying issue. The final product leverages BrightSign to provide signage throughout the hotel complex for guests and visitors; along with the development of a comprehensive backend management system to monitor and control all connected signage.


Dynamic event signage for the largest meeting and event facility in Hong Kong

The solution we developed for Kerry Hotel provides intuitive scalable signage throughout the hotel complex. With over 50 panels installed outside event halls and meeting rooms. Each panel is used to display daily event schedules and other basic information including foreign exchange rates. Additional panels on each floor shows the floor schedule, as well as a large signage at the hotel lobby which provide event and meeting schedules of the entire facility

The backend management system allows the Kerry hotel control all signage units in the system. The solution provides the much needed flexibility when event halls are combined to create larger common exhibition halls. The management system allows hotel staff to manage event timetables of room(s) in the entire facility and make real-time changes to event information. The system also supports multiple users, admin approval and user management privileges. Simply set event schedules, and other basic details including time, event name, host, duration and more. The solution helps the hotel reduce confusion, save time, and energy; since everything can be completed over the network. The backend system also allows the solution to be extensible, with additional features and devices to be integrated easily. Finally, the system also allows clear data collection and visualisation, with a reporting system for event history, device usage, as well as user logs and changes.


Lightweight event signage solution equals effective digital transformation

The event signage solution for Kerry Hotel is a lightweight and comprehensive system that was deployed in a rapid and efficient timeline. With 3 layers of information; by room, by floor and by the entire building; the solution allowed hotel management to have greater flexibility for event signage. In conjunction with better displays and information for guests and visitors. Combined with the easy to use management system that requires no pre-requisites or technical knowledge. The solution has became one of the critical systems in the hotels day-to-day operations. We attribute the advantages of our solution with the use of BrightSign ; the product allows us to create custom signage solutions that can be built for any vertical and deployed in a minimal amount of development time.

  • Client:Kerry Hotel
  • Year:2018
  • Services:Web Development

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