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A mobile karaoke service for everyone

OLEGOK is the first and only mobile and home use karaoke service in Hong Kong. Started in 2014, OLEGOK offers over 10,000 legal karaoke titles, all supported by local and international labels. In 2016, Olegok was experiencing issues with outdated technologies and stagnant usage growth. In order to revitalise the service in Hong Kong. The company behind OLEGOK plans to invest and reinvent the mobile Karaoke formula by combining traditional karaoke with modern social elements. The concept was to leverage social dynamics to trigger continuous usage, tap into gamification and social values. The final product has one goal in mind; to have genuine content, allow users to share anytime, sing anywhere and by anyone.


Mobile karaoke with a social impact

The all new hmv OLEGOK is developed as a multi-mode media application that is capable of immediate streaming and downloads for offline usage. We have also made countless improvements including a range of karaoke options including enhanced music video and background music options, a greater search engine and many others. Beyond the addition of new features; the previous rendition has a lack of retention and trial options for new users. To address this, we developed a trial mode based on a rotating draft of songs for all users to enjoy regardless of subscription. In order to convert users into paying customers, we also introduced multiple payment methods to provide greater flexibility and choice. Customers can now select between monthly subscription or day pass – available through in-app purchase, online, redemption or through partnered telecom providers.

Another focus of the revamped application is the ease of usage for short and long-term sessions. The new interface provides intuitive gestures built for mobile usage. To magnify the selection of content, we have also helped the client build a large library of playlist for everyone, from bands, seasonal specials and more. Besides the new user interface, we helped our client redesign the entire user experience of mobile karaoke. We added social elements based on gamification to promote community building and recurrent usage. Users can freely participate in regular online challenges to gain recognition through the OLEGOK platform; they can simply sing, record and let the public decide on who’s the best singer. Winners of competition can earn valuable tokens that can be used to exchange in-app or actual prizes.


Expansion and new partners for OLEGOK

Our collaboration with the team behind OLEGOK delivered an incredible App launch within 5 months of design and redevelopment. Shortly before the completion of the new product, our client managed to strike a partnership with HMV digital China Group, one of the leading distributors of Media in the region. Along with a healthy user base, our impact carried beyond launch. With the new social features, OLEGOK also attracted a partnership from Sing!China, the renowned Singing competition show in Greater China. The App became the sole platform for registration and entry for the Sing!China Hong Kong auditions. Furthermore, in mid 2017, OLEGOK managed to close a deal with Samsung to distribute the service within their ecosystem.

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