Po Leung Kuk Web System


Po Leung Kuk Web System

A complete web system for Po Leung Kuk primary schools in Hong Kong

Po Leung Kuk (PLK) was formed to serve the wider community, as one of the prominent and committed charitable organisation in Hong Kong. PLK is dedicated to care for the elderly and the underprivileged, to educate the young and nurture morality, and to provide recreation to the public, and bring goodness to the local community. Over the years, as one of Hong Kong’s leading social service organization and fundraiser; PLK has expanded to cover a length of operations, ranging from community development, welfare centres and even schools.

As a way to expand and better serve the community, the network of PLK primary schools sought to implement a new website system to allow better transfer of information between stakeholders, especially the communication between schools and parents. PLK approached us to develop a complete web ecosystem for 24 primary schools. The project focus was to reach optimal use of resources, while delivering a unified platform to control, access and maintain 24 school websites by multiple levels of user.


A centralized system to control websites and digital assets in real-time

The backend platform is built with a wide range of components to control different aspects of multiple websites; from users, media, website customization to email notifications and many others. The entire solution is developed with the mindset of intuitive usage, to be used and operated by people with minimal technical proficiency. The end product is a system that allow teachers, principals and management alike, to control, manage and approve for changes of multiple websites within a single platform. Besides the powerful management tools of the solution. We also introduced a range of quality of life features to improve user experience, and to help users complete tasks with greater efficiency. Most notably is the 6 pre-built website themes to choose from. Principles of the 24 schools will have the freedom to choose from 6 base themes which are further customizable. Another example is the mutual library for media assets. Managers not longer have to upload documents multiple times to distribute multimedia; simple drag and drop and assign changes to selected webpages.


Rapid deployment and comprehensive system for all stakeholders

The development of the new Po Leung Kuk school website platform has been substantial for our client. The project has set a new standard for asset and media management for PLK. The system we have developed, provides a feature rich backend system that is intuitive to use by anyone. Teachers can now easily share information with parents and other stakeholders through the platform. Furthermore, the solution also offers comprehensive tools to manage and maintain the 24 school websites with ease. Accordingly, the value of the product lies in the increased dynamic capabilities of all the website, followed by improved operational efficiency under a uniform platform.

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