SaSa Metrics System


SaSa Metrics System

Productivity showcase with multiple endpoints

Sa Sa International is a leading cosmetics retail group in Asia; with over 280 retail locations offering over 700 beauty brands from around the globe. The group employs over 5,000 staff across 5 market regions, covering Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and the Taiwan Region. Sa Sa International has also been an advocate of digital solutions. As one of the early adopters of e-commerce, the group has thrived on its successful "one-stop cosmetics specialty store" concept, offering customers with a wide range products and service at location or online seamlessly. To promote stability and efficiency of service, Sa Sa International has been actively looking for new methods to track productivity and improve workforce performance altogether. Sa Sa approached us to develop and integrate a digital signage system solution to do just that.


Over 40 metrics reported in real-time

Our solution allows Management at SaSa to understand the entire warehouse output of the workforce at any time and to a fine degree of detail. With over 40 connected metrics, the main component of the solution is its advanced capabilities for data aggregation and monitoring. The archive of data is available for managers in a backend platform to help them understand metrics, display information efficiently, as well as a host of granular modes and options to help the user make better decisions.

Another focus of the solution is to display the right information to the employees to support peer to peer motivation in a fast-paced working environment. We leveraged the market leading product BrightSign to deliver an digital signage solution for SaSa International. Where different information will be displayed at different locations of the warehouse; allowing the workforce to evaluate their collective and individual performance in real-time. The system also provides clear targets to promote cross motivation across the workforce.


Incredible insight and reinforced motivation across departments

The newly developed SaSa Metric System is a one-of-a-kind project that involves hardware integrations and precise orchestration of data technologies. The final solution provided SaSa International with greater control and visualization of data that was previously impossible to attain with traditional methods. The solution has also allowed the company to centralize management and facilitate multiple displays, showing different information, at different locations within one unified platform. Through digital signage, we enable our client to induce peer to peer motivation at all branches of the corporate warehouse.

  • Client:SaSa
  • Year:2017
  • Services:Web Development, App Development

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