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Keeping it at heart, drive results, seek answers and active reactions to change

Our development philosophy follows the rule of actively tackling development as a complete illustration; with proper research and planning, we help you ask better questions and formulate better products for your business. At Aura Labs, our approach to development is to mask inherent intricacies behind an elegance of simplicity. We strive to be different, to pursuit authentic and minimalistic experiences that people love; to create lasting impressions that resonate with an audience.

We constantly push the limits of our capabilities to create awesome products, engineered to impact your business

Digital technologies are ever changing, at Aura Labs, we do not stay stagnant, we strive to deliver something unique every time. We have the expertise and confidence to explore cross platform adaptations and emerging technologies. Work with us in collaborative partnerships; we don’t shy away from challenges, we walk the path to success with you. We believe in an interactive environment to strive for incredible designs and products that exceeds your expectations.

We hope to inspire others, lead the market and think outside of the box to provide radical perspectives

We believe in tailored solutions for your business. We nurture your ideas into life with careful methodologies; combining data science, automation and human intuition. We have an In-house team of world leading engineers, product designers and UX specialists; together they create remarkable software products from concept to launch and beyond. Our nimbles teams are individually empowered but becomes more in unity. We work hard, stay persistent and drive results as a unit.

We have an extended repertoire to craft beautiful designs, conduct market research and deliver remarkable products under one roof

We specialise in a myriad of digital domains, from building websites, mobile applications to pioneering IoT solutions; we believe in human centric experiences that feels humanized, solve fundamental issues that are highly convertible into everyday life. We believe in creating products with minimal learning curves, with artistic representation of interactions and seamless navigation. To build simplicity but filled with logical features; essential but not bloated and artificial.

Embrace composite solutions to transform conventional practices and elevate your business into the digital age

As a leading digital consultant in Hong Kong, we are experts in the full spectrum of digital transformation. Our responsibility is to help your business improve performance and revolutionise operations by evolving software services without neglecting creativity and innovation. We believe in concrete software foundations with appropriate technologies to ensure stability and function. In conjunction with digital leverage, we uphold a strong data philosophy; to collect, translate, and create insight. The objective is to create solutions for businesses that renders scalability,​ ​enhances​ ​growth​ ​and​ ​deliver​s ​popularity.

The journey from concept to launch is filled with pitfalls and challenges. We work with you to actively address issues and let our work speak for itself

At Aura Labs, we maintain an innovative culture, educate each other and promote clear understanding of all facets of development amongst the team. With our knowledge and expertise, we craft exceptional products that simply feels logical but imbued with a modern touch, built for immediate impact. We are relentless; we work around the clock to deliver exceptional products in challenging timeframes. As a team, we place significant emphasis on creating wholesome experiences with highly personal engagements to deliver a message that is true to the heart.

  1. Young and fearless

    We are a young software development house based in Hong Kong, specialised in end to end digital solutions. In 2015, we became one of the fastest moving development agencies in the region; quickly picking up successive awards from HKSTP and HKJC respectively.

  2. Our growth

    During our journey, we have attracted media mentions for our work and received notable acclaim for our commitment in software innovation. In 2017, we grew to serve international clients in large scale digital transformation projects and composite integrations. From raising capital to improving corporate efficiencies; we take pride in building products that generate measurable impact for our partners.

Core Services

We deliver high polish products and solutions, meticulously designed and engineered.

App Development

Native or cross-platform solutions, we create incredible apps with robust back-end and scalable middleware.

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Web Development

Carefully crafted websites and refined web applications built for omni-channel distribution.

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UI/UX Product Design

Beautifully designed products with user centric experiences, crafted to capture a global audience.

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Enterprise Solutions

Tailored software with rock solid system architectures, built to simplify the most complex mechanisms.

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Internet of Things

Embrace cloud technologies and realise the true value of software and hardware integrations.

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Digital Transformation

Construct data mines and translate big data into digestible information.

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Evolving practices we use to launch top-tier, performant products in record times.

Product Strategy

Conceptualize ideas, formulate solutions and deliver clear, systematic visions.

Latest Technologies

Explore and innovate; we create modern solutions that others don’t dare to try.

Lean Teams

Empowered to take initiative, our proactive teams face challenges head-on.

Bespoke Designs

Unique and fresh concepts, mindfully drawn to stand out from the rest.

Rapid Prototyping

Responsive and interactive prototypes in a fraction of the timeline.

Agile Development

Feature driven development with logical increments and dextrous iterations.

Tiered Testing

Rigorous coverage with software automation; we test everything, all the time.


Know no boundaries; we create open frameworks and eliminate rigidity.

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